The secure next generation WAMP-System


  • preconfigured WAMP-System with Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Mercury/32 Mail-Server and SQLite
  • Equally useful for developers as for productive usagee thanks to switchable settings between security- and developer-functionality
  • Centralized GUI for all important features of the above applications
  • Assistant to operate the applications as a restricted user
  • Add-on system for reloading and integration of other applications (such as Tomcat, Python, SVN, etc.) from the network
  • 1-Click Installer for popular web applications such as phpBB, WordPress u.v.a.
  • Assistant for performance tuning with automatic Evaluation of the System configuraton (number of CPUs, RAM, etc.)
  • Editor for the Windows HOSTS file to create "virtual domains"
  • dynamic and automatic updates of individual components (Apache, MySQL, etc.) directly from the software
  • Focus on a lightweight and fast system - the complete setup consists of only a 33MB file

Roadmap for future versions:

  • 64-Bit Version
  • Advanced interface for 1-Click-Installations with the possibility to control, update- and  remove the installed webapps
  • Integration of more 1-Click-Webapps and Frameworks (like Zend etc.)
  • Integration of more addons (Tomcat, Ruby, SVN etc.)
  • Automatic configuraton of Mercury with  POP3/IMAP/SMTP over SSL.
  • Automatic configuration of a Virus-/Spamfilters at Mercury
  • Backup functionality for Web-/Database-/Maildata